Monday, August 6, 2007

Michael Vick Chew Toy

Minnesota's minor league baseball team, the Saint Paul Saints, will be giving away 2,500 Michael Vick dog chew toys as an expression of their distaste for the Falcons quarterback's lurid affair with dog-fighting, which we covered in a previous article. The toy, which is a rubberized version of Mike sporting his Falcons' uniform, gives your pet a taste of sweet revenge as they tear the quarterback limb from limb. We recommend buying one for yourself as well; that way, if you get the urge to gnaw on Mike Vick's head, it won't taste like dog slobber.

Another minor league baseball team, the Long Beach Armada, plans to hold a Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day. Fans who bring in a Michael Vick jersey or other memorabilia to burn on a bonfire will receive free admission and a donation to a local animal rights organization.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Vick did a terrible thing and sounds like a disgusting human being.
The media has given this far more attention then they have crimes committed against children. Is it because this guy is a famous football player-who I never have heard of.

James said...

Well I'm going to go with the assumption that you are not from the USA. I know a lot of countries do it too, but we here in the USA deify our athletes. And when they do something remotely objectionable we react; but when they do something simply reprehensible then they are treated as dirt and will never hear the end of it. If you don't watch National football and are from here, I guess that would be why you have never heard of him. Anyway I sure would like to get me one of those chew toys, mi gatos would love it too.

Jay Sewik said...

Someone's got 'em for sale on eBay for 10 bucks a pop.

Anonymous said...

Living here in Atlanta, this new chew toy is 5 4-legged babies will love it...this has been an issue for many years for the Humane Society (nothing new if you are a member of the society) and now we have a face to apply this problem with american society to a fore-front...Oh, and the comment about crimes against children - please, do you not know all the laws on the books for crimes against children, law enforecment is out there everyday combating the crimes (because they have the laws to help them)...

I'm getting my babies their chew toy today...

Anonymous said...

I really think there is something wrong with people who follow such foolishness so blindly. This man is a human being why would you even imply he should be chewed up by a dog. You are no better than him, I lived through the Civil Rights Movement where dogs attached people for protesting. This is suppose to be so great, like 2 wrongs make a right. You all need help when a dog becomes more important than humans. And lastly, the Lord forgives but not us Americans.

Anonymous said...

it really amazes me that whenever advocates speak up in defense of dogs, the morons will always accuse them of caring more about dogs than children. Of course we care about children, but right now, children are not the issue, dogfighting is, so shut up about the children, we all have children, we also care about dogs, and anyone who defends Vick is a criminal as well.

Jay Sewik said...


"Wy would you even imply he should be chewed up by a dog."

I never implied he should be chewed up by a dog. Just gnawed on for a little bit.

"You all need help when a dog becomes more important than humans."

Well, that really depends on the human.

Stephanie said...

"Well, that really depends on the human."


Anonymous said...

I think this toy is so clever. I have three dogs, and they all can't wait to get their "new toy." Michael Vick deserves everything he will hopefully get!

calspootab said...

Michael Vick is not the first to commit this crime and he wont be the last BUT because he is a "star" IF they allow him to get off more people will copy him.

They need to set an example with him, so people say
"hey if he can get punished so can I!"

Maybe that will make these dogfighters think twice.

I see these poor dogs being rescued all the time - only to be put to sleep as all they know is to fight!

Anonymous said...

(chewed up by a dog. You are no better than him, I lived through the Civil Rights Movement where dogs attached people for protesting.)

Hmmmm...then Michael Vick is getting his revenge on the dogs?

Seriously, if Michael Vick has forced dogs to endure the agony of ripped-apart muzzles and ears and tails, and broken limbs, and bee stingers in their food (which hurts their mouths and makes them aggressive), and starvation and beatings...then Michael Vick deserves to be chewed up by a pit bull himself.

Jay Sewik said...

I spent some time stationed in South Korea, and seeing the way the majority of that culture treated dogs disgusted me.

I saw an elderly lady chasing a dog down the street. I thought it was hers and it had gotten lose, so I went to help her. That's when I saw she was hiding a brick behind her back, which she threw at the dog. Thankfully she missed, otherwise I might have caused an international incident.

Treated right, dogs are innocent, unconditionally loyal, and about the most loving creatures in the world. How people like Mike Vick can treat them with such malice is beyond my understanding.

Screw him and anyone who sympathizes with him.

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